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Culapanthaka (Suddhipanthaka) Thera (English Subtitiles) 1

Homage to the Blessed One, the Worthy One, the Highest Self—Enlightened One!

Published: 2014-04-29

Culapanthaka (Suddhipanthaka) Thera (English Subtitiles) 1.

Please note that this video contains inaccuracies. Kindly refer to the linked article for further clarification.

May all be happy and well!


Culapanthaka Thera 1 [Articles]

චුල්ලපන්ථක මහ රහතන් වහන්සේ Arahant Chulapanthaka (English Subtitles) 1 — පූජ්‍ය කිරිබත්ගොඩ ඤාණානන්ද ස්වාමින් වහන්සේ Venerable Kiribathgoda Gnanananda Thero [Video — External >>]

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