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Upadana 1

Homage to the Blessed One, the Worthy One, the Highest Self—Enlightened One!



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Upadana is 'clinging', according to Vis.M. XVII, is an intensified degree of craving (tanha).

The 4 kinds of clinging are:
  • sensuous clinging (kamupadana),
  • clinging to views (ditthupadana),
  • clinging to mere rules and ritual (silabbatupadana),
  • clinging to the personality-belief (atta-vadupadana).

(1) “What now is the sensuous clinging? Whatever with regard to sensuous objects there exists of sensuous lust, sensuous desire, sensuous attachment, sensuous passion, sensuous deluded ness, sensuous fetters: this is called sensuous clinging.

(2) “What is the clinging to views? 'Alms and offerings are useless; there is no fruit and result for good and bad deeds: all such view and wrong conceptions are called the clinging to views.

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(3) “What is the clinging to mere rules and ritual? The holding firmly to the view that through mere rules and ritual one may reach purification: this is called the clinging to mere rules and ritual.

(4) “What is the clinging to the personality-belief? The 20 kinds of ego-views with regard to the groups of existence (s. sakkaya-ditthi): these are called the clinging to the personality-belief” (Dhs.1214-17).

This traditional fourfold division of clinging is not quite satisfactory. Besides kamupadana we should expect either rupupadana and arupupadana, or simply bhavupadana. Though the Anagami is entirely free from the traditional 4 kinds of upadana, he is not freed from rebirth, as he still possesses bhavupadana. The Com. to Vis.M. XVII, in trying to get out of this dilemma, explains kamupadana as including here all the remaining kinds of clinging.

"Clinging' is the common rendering for u., though 'grasping' would come closer to the literal meaning of it, which is 'uptake'; s. Three Cardinal Discourses (WHEEL 17), p.19.

May all be happy and well!


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