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Medin Full Moon Poya Day: Its importance 1

Homage to the Blessed One, the Worthy One, the Highest Self—Enlightened One!

Walter Wijenayake

Published: 2014-03-16

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It was on such a Full Moon Poya Day that the Sakyamuni Siddhartha Gauthama Buddha in the seventh year of his attainment to Englightenment, in response to the persuasion of Arahat Kaludai, set out from Rajagahanuwara to Kapilavasthupura with 20,000 Bhikkhus, which led to four most significant events.

1. Attainment of Sothapanna by his father King Suddhodana and of his step—mother Prajaphathie Gothami.

2. Taking refuge in the Buddha, Dhamma and Sangha of Princess Yasodara.

3. The ordination of his son Rahula.

4. Ordination of his step—brother Prince Nanda, assisting him overcome the distraction caused by the beauty of his bride Janapadakalyani, by showing him visions of heavenly maidens and the seared dead body of a female monkey.

No sooner, the message that the Buddha had come to the palace, spread in a few minutes all over the city and around like a whirl—wind, causing the environment around the palace assume a pleasant atmosphere as to welcome the arrival of the Buddha.

The Sakyan elders who gathered at the palace premises overwhelmed with their Sakyan pride, disclosed their reluctance to pay respect to the Buddha saying, “Siddhartha is younger than us, he is my nephew, he is my grandson, after all we are Sakyans,” and so on. However, only the youngsters were put forward for the ritual.

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This Sakyan elders’ arrogance, so compelled the Buddha to counter their pride that he rose to the sky and performed “Yama Maha Pelahera,” the twin miracle. The crowd witnessing this miracle was simply enthralled.

It was on this occasion that King Suddhodana — the father of the Buddha — worshipped the Buddha for the third time. Then all the Sakyans marveled at this strange phenomenon and worshipped the Buddha.

The first act of worship was carried out when infant Siddhartha was worshipped by the teacher / advisor of his father King Suddhodana, the second was when child Siddhartha was observed floating in the air in a meditative position.

The following day the Buddha went from house—to—house begging for alms. On seeing this scene, the king was very greatly depressed and met the Buddha and informed him that begging in this manner is a great blemish and an insult to the Sakya clan.

The Buddha in response told the king that it was the Buddha clan and it was customary for “our clan to beg for food. Yours is Sakya clan. Mine is the Buddha clan.” Then the king kept quiet. The Buddha continued, “O King, it is customary when one has found a hidden treasure for one to offer it to one’s father. Allow me to offer you this treasure of mine which is the Dhamma.”

After the meeting, King Suddhodana invited the Buddha to the palace. The Buddha along with his two chief disciples went to see his former Princess Yasodhara. When she beheld the Buddha, she held him by his feet and wept bitterly. Then the Buddha explained to her how she had been of great assistance to him throughout the Sansara trek until he became the Buddha.

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Her grief was immediately transformed into joy as she heard the Buddha speak in this manner. The following day after the Buddha’s return to Kapilawasthu, his son Rahula asked for his inheritance from the Buddha. Immediately after the Buddha had His meal and blessings he returned to the temple. Prince Rahula followed Him asking for his inheritance. The Buddha turning to Ven. Sariputta and Moggalana told them the desire of His son.

However, after Prince Rahula expressed his desire to be ordained a Bhikkhu, that it so happened. The other thing is that when the Buddha was returning to the temple, he handed over his bowl to Prince Nanda the step—brother. As was his desire Nanda was also ordained.

During the visit of the Buddha to the palace, the King Suddhodana and Queen Maha Prajapathi Gothami attained Sothapanna. Princess Yasodhara took refuge in the Buddha, Dhamma and Sangha.

May all be happy and well!


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