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Patience is the 6th Perfection


The characteristic of patience is acceptance, its function is to endure, and its manifestation is non-opposing tolerance! The cause of patience is understanding how things really are. The effect of patience is calm tranquility despite presence of intensely stirring provocation. Patience of the will produces forgiving forbearance! Patience of the intellect produces faith, confidence and certainty! Patience of the body produces resolute and tenacious endurance! Internal tolerance of states within oneself is patient endurance. External tolerance of other beings is forbearance and forgiveness.

He who patiently protects himself, protects also all other beings! He who patiently protects all other beings, protects also himself!

Patient tolerance is the highest praxis.
Nibbāna is the supreme Bliss!
So say all the Buddhas.
Dhammapada 184

The innocent one, who has done nothing wrong,
Who endures abuse, flogging and even imprisonment,
Such one, armed with stamina, the great force of tolerance,
Such stoic one, who self-possessed can accept all, I call a Holy One!
Dhammapada 399

One should follow those who are determined, tolerant, and enduring,
intelligent, wise, diligent, clever, good-willed and evidently Noble.
One shall stick to them as the moon remains in its regular orbit.
Dhammapada 208

Friends, even if bandits were to cut you up, savagely, limb by limb, with a two-handled saw, you should not get angry, but do my bidding: Remain pervading them and all others with a friendly Awareness imbued with an all-embracing good-will, kind, rich, expansive, and immeasurable! Free from hostility, free from any ill will. Always remembering this very Simile of the Saw is indeed how you should train yourselves. Majjhima Nikāya 21