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Those Who Gain from the Buddha—Dhamma 5—5

Homage to the Blessed One, the Worthy One, the Highest Self—Enlightened One!

Neluwakande Gnanananda Himi

Published: 2018-03-15 — Updated: 2018-08-03

The Escape from Suffering

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We all like to live in freedom, without fear or doubt. Having to face threats from others is a barrier to happiness. Living freely without fear is not only a happiness for Buddhists, but all humans and animals alike. This happiness can be gained by understanding that like oneself, others also like to be happy, and thus acting without taking the lives of others.

While we do not like suffering, there are many occassions when we must suffer (dukkha). Even though we make effort to be free from suffering, this is only temporary. One can only be permanently free from suffering, by understanding the causes of suffering and by removing them. Those who do not know this, use various methods that they like, and fall again and again into suffering.

The path to win over suffering has been shown in the Dhamma.1 For this the Dhamma should be learned and understood. The one who has not learned the Dhamma is known as “asruthawath puthajjana.” S/he does not know that all formations (sankhara) change nor that they stay changing and pass away. So s/he thinks that all should be as one likes. Because of this s/he on many occassions falls into suffering, pain and regret.

But the “sruthawath puthajjana” (the one who has learned the Dhamma) is not troubled by painful events, becuase s/he has gained a good understanding of those situations. S/he always lives in happiness. This is a great benefit that can be gained from the Dhamma.

“Anicca — Impermanence (Reading) 1 — Ajahn Chah.” Click on the video to play it. View Full Video >


  1. Buddha—Dhamma — Lord Buddha’s teachings on reality.
Rasika Wijayaratne

May all be happy and well!



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