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Those Who Gain from the Buddha—Dhamma 3—5

Homage to the Blessed One, the Worthy One, the Highest Self—Enlightened One!

Neluwakande Gnanananda Himi

Published: 2017-12-14 — Updated: 2018-08-03

A Teaching Given to All

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1. The Buddha—Dhamma was given for all humans (and other beings such as devas — divine beings), not just one section of humans.

2. It was given for resolving personal problems.

The Dhamma1 is an advisory path. A person needs advice when a problem arises, to successfully resolve that issue. The following question; “How happy would the people who told their problems to the Lord Buddha be, when they received a solution from the Lord Buddha?” is answered by the way they responded in the end.

This is shown in suttas in this way; they said: “It is as if what was turned upside down, was turned right side up; what was hidden was uncovered; the way was show to someone who could not find their way; light was to someone who was in the dark by lighting a lamp; your sermon was very clear (Venerable Sir).”

Not just that, this paragraph (in the Pali language) shows that they also asked for permission to take refuge in the Triple Gem and become upasakas (or upasikas — male and female Buddhist devotees):

“How to Become a Buddhist 1.” Click on the video to play it. View Full Video >
“Ethe mayang bhagawanthang gothamang saranam gachchami dhammancha bhikkhusanghancha, upasakang no bhawang gothamo dharethu, ajja thagge panupethang saranang gathe.”


  1. Buddha—Dhamma — Lord Buddha’s teachings on reality.
Rasika Wijayaratne

May all be happy and well!




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