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Those Who Gain from the Buddha—Dhamma 1—5

Homage to the Blessed One, the Worthy One, the Highest Self—Enlightened One!

Neluwakande Gnanananda Himi

Published: 2017-11-14 — Updated: 2018-08-03

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The foundation of the Buddha—Dhamma is worldly truth. The Buddha—Dhamma shows the nature of the world. This is done in the Nagara Suthra (sutta). This suthra shows how just like a town that has been long buried underground, has been excavated and dug out, the reality / truth can be revealed after has been covered up by wrong—views (miccha—ditthi) and lies. Many do not like to see the truth.

The pleasure they gain while being engrossed in wrong—views (miccha—ditthi) is a happiness for them. The Buddha—Dhamma1 which shows the reality / truth of the world, shows the path to happiness in this life, the next life as well as the escape from this never ending wheel of birth and death (samsara). The Lord Buddha did not have a specific time to teach the Dhamma.1 In the same way there is no indication that the Dhamma was heard with pre—preparation at a specific time.

When King Mundaraja was grieving over the early death of his queen, the advice that was given to console him is contained in the Shoka—Sallaharana Suthra. The details about how the doubts of Anathapindika, as to whether everything can be gained by wishing for them alone, were cleared is contained in the Pancha—Ittadhamma Suthra.

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When the Lord Buddha went to the Bheskala forest, the people of Kalama heard of this, approached him and asked him questions. The answers to these questions is contained in the Kalama Suthra. The debate between the two brahmins (a caste in India) named Wasetta and Bharadwaja as to what factors make a superior brahmin was resolved in the Wasetta Suthra. These are a few examples that demostrate how teachings were not given with prior preparation, but were given as circumstances required.


  1. Buddha—Dhamma — Lord Buddha’s teachings on reality.
Rasika Wijayaratne

May all be happy and well!





Those Who Gain from the Buddha—Dhamma 1

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