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Metta Meditation 1

Homage to the Blessed One, the Worthy One, the Highest Self—Enlightened One!

Rasika Wijayaratne

Published: 2014-01-31 — Updated: 2018-09-20

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The Metta meditation actively nullifies anger in people. By practicing the Metta mediation you would be actively directing loving-kindness to every existing being. The result of this is, over time (whether you realise it or not) you become a calmer, kinder and healthier person. Meditation has the benefit of boosting your immune system against diseases such as coughs and colds, makes you heart and cardiovascular system strong and healthy and reduces stress thereby helping you sleep more easily. To gain the best results from meditation the Lord Buddha recommended that we first be strongly established in dana (giving) and sîla (5 precepts) first.

When you meditate, do so in a quiet and peaceful area. Wear some loose and comfortable clothes. Sit on a chair, bed or the ground. Keep your back and head straight. You might want to cross your legs when sitting for meditation though this is not an absolute requirement.

Your back should not be rigid. Relax you whole body. Place your hand in front of your body in a comfortable position.

“Metta — The Philosophy and Practice of Universal Love (Audiobook) 1.” Click on the video to play it. View Full Video >
If you want to, lean your whole back against a wall for support. You can either close your eyes or keep them half open during meditation.

Now utter the following lines in your mind, or out loud. Utter this three times:

“May I be happy and well.”

Then the below three times:

“May all beings in the East be happy and well.
May all beings in the South be happy and well.
May all beings in the West be happy and well.
May all beings in the North be happy and well.
May all beings above be happy and well.
May all beings below be happy and well.

This three times:

“May all beings above, below and everywhere be happy and well.”

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Finally this for as many times as you like, until you end the meditation

“May all beings be happy and well.”

Try to concentrate on the lines and what they mean. By uttering these lines in your mind what you are actually doing is wishing for the well—being of yourself first, and then others around you (not just humans but also other beings).

Have a fixed time each day to meditate, and discipline yourself to sit for meditation at this time. A good time is at night before you go to sleep or early in the morning. Try to mediate about 10—20 minutes every day. Sometimes you might not feel like meditating either because you're tired or because you’re “not in the mood for it,” i.e. lazy :). Nevertheles try to meditate, because good results can only be obtained through perseverance and consistency. May you be happy and well!

Download “Metta Meditation”PDF File (0.08MB) >

May all be happy and well!

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